Who is LUAP

Modest Beginnings

The Life Underwriters Association of the Philippines (LUAP) was established by a handful of individuals from different life insurance companies in February 1984 as a response to the growing need for life underwriters in the Philippines to professionalize and distinguish themselves through training, education, personal development, best practices sharing and industry wide conventions which galvanizes the unity of the membership of our organization. LUAP was subsequently registered with the SEC on March 1984.

The LUAP logo was designed to symbolize the values that should be embraced by every life underwriter. The logo’s backdrop has the eagle as a symbol of strength, success, and the ambition to soar high. The two eagle heads looking at opposite directions symbolize vigilance and discernment between right and wrong. The eight claws of the eagle outlined in the logo represent the LUA Code of Ethics embodying the common ideas of the organizers. The colors of the logo are blue which symbolizes service and security, and gold which represents productivity and prosperity for all, and white signifying purity of motives and intentions.

Fast-forward to the digital age, LUAP became part of the highly dynamic landscape of the life insurance industry as well as the society. Having gained strength and traction, our battle cry this 2021 is IGNITE: Passion, Purpose, Persistence, where we are rallying all life insurance professionals to fan the flames that was nearly put out by 2020 into oblivion.

As the association’s founders passed on the baton, 34 Past Presidents have taken the wheel and accepted the challenge of bringing the association to greater heights together with our very passionate Board of Trustees and active volunteers.

This year, as we celebrate the 37th LUAP Anniversary, let us relish the moments and remember how far we have become from our modest beginnings and as we continue moving and braving towards the future together.


As LUAP slowly took its place in the Philippine life insurance landscape, it attracted the volunteering spirit of movers and shakers of the industry such as Ms.Lourdes Del Mundo, Mr. Ricardo Aguila, Mr. Cesar Reyes, Mr. Gregorio Tongko, Mr. Antonio Ignacio, Ms. Tedia Camarillo, Ms. Purificacion Lozare and Mr. Raphael Pacquing. With likeminded individuals working together in this organization, LUAP was subsequently registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in March 1984.