About Us

What is LifeConPH?

In our commitment to serve the industry, the Life Underwriters Association of the Philippines and the MDRT MCC Philippines set up “LifeConPH” to be the platform for the two biggest industry events, the Philippine Life Insurance Congress and the MDRT Day. In response to the changing times, your industry associations transitioned to a virtual environment in order to widen our reach and continue our goal of providing learning opportunities in the industry.

Who is LUAP?

The Life Underwriters Association of the Philippines (LUAP) was established by a handful of individuals from different life insurance companies in February 1984 as a response to the growing need for life underwriters in the Philippines to professionalize and distinguish themselves through training, education, personal development, best practices sharing and industry-wide conventions which galvanizes the unity of the membership of our organization. LUAP was subsequently registered with the SEC in March 1984.

The LUAP logo was designed to symbolize the values that should be embraced by every life underwriter. The logo’s backdrop has the eagle as a symbol of strength, success, and the ambition to soar high. The two eagle heads looking in opposite directions symbolize vigilance and discernment between right and wrong. The eight claws of the eagle outlined in the logo represent the LUA Code of Ethics embodying the common ideas of the organizers. The colors of the logo are blue which symbolizes service and security, and gold which represents productivity and prosperity for all, and white signifying purity of motives and intentions.

Fast-forward to the digital age, LUAP became part of the highly dynamic landscape of the life insurance industry as well as society.  Having gained strength and traction, our battle cry this 2021 is IGNITE: Passion, Purpose, Persistence, where we are rallying all life insurance professionals to fan the flames that were nearly put out by 2020 into oblivion.

As the association’s founders passed on the baton, 34 Past Presidents have taken the wheel and accepted the challenge of bringing the association to greater heights together with our very passionate Board of Trustees and active volunteers.

This year, as we celebrate the 37th LUAP Anniversary, let us relish the moments and remember how far we have become from our modest beginnings and as we continue moving and braving towards the future together.

Why become a LUAP member?

LUAP prides itself on its 5Cs namely, Community, Consciousness, Cognizance, Certifications and Code of Ethics. 

Community and Consciousness. With LUAP, insurance professionals not only acquire a wide network of community of peers regardless of color and company with the same goal – to secure the life of every Filipino and their families, but members also have the same consciousness and heartbeat of paying it forward by supporting advocacies through programs like LUAP Gives Back and LUAP Builds. 

Cognizance. Through LUAP, all the elite insurance professionals are awarded and recognized making them know that they are seen and their efforts are acknowledged.  

Certifications. Throughout the year, LUAP learning sessions and certificate courses are being opened for all insurance professionals to enroll in order to maintain the highest  standards of professional competence.

Code of Ethics. Lastly, LUAP Members are strongly guided by its Code of Ethics and one top of mind is to always place client’s personal interest above personal ones. 

Who is MDRT?

Founded in 1927, the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) is The Premier Association of Financial Professionals®.

Exclusive MDRT membership is limited to the top financial services and life insurance professionals who adhere to strict professional and ethical standards to build trust and confidence with their clients.

In an intensely competitive profession, objections are routine and regulatory changes are the norm. MDRT is where advisor come to learn how to achieve greater success and a more sustainable career.

MDRT connects its members to an unmatched global network, providing a unique mix of resources and networking to inspire growth in their business. With face-to-face interactions and access to the ideas members are using every day, even the best financial professionals discover innovative ideas to boost their productivity, build their businesses and discover new success strategies.

Message From MDRT MCC Philippines Country Chair

Welcome To BREAKTHROUGH! MDRT Day Philippines!


Greetings to All Filipino Financial Advisors! Congratulations to all of you for being able to attend our very first virtual MDRT Day!

I salute each one of you as you continue to stay true to your commitment and serve your clients despite how challenging this pandemic has brought about.

As we continue to rise above this new era of doing business, the Million Dollar Round Table Membership Communications Committee (MDRT MCC Philippines) together with the Life Underwriters Association of the Philippines wanted to make sure you still have a full learning experience that deepens your passion and commitment. May you experience a remarkable BREAKTHROUGH both in your profession & personal life from this 2-day convention.

Enjoy learning & keep safe!

Message From LUAP National President

Greetings To All Our Delegates And Participants From All Over The Country!


On behalf of LUAP Philippines, it is with my greatest pleasure to welcome you all to this year’s virtual MDRT Day: Breakthrough- Breaking Barriers for a Better Tomorrow.

As you are aware, we are still in the middle of a global crisis that continues to threaten human lives and financial stability. These times may have been filled with numerous challenges and uncertainties, but it’s time to set sail and chart onwards to greater success. Together with MDRT MCC, we have organized this event to inspire you to reach your goals before the end of 2021.

In this year’s conference with the theme Breakthrough, we aim to help our financial advisors break down the barriers and open themselves to more opportunities. During the 2-day event, we will be joined by world-known experts and professionals from all over the globe to share their best practices and experiences that will surely motivate you to exceed your limits and hone you to be a better professional for a better tomorrow.

I am really excited about what we have in store for you, so let’s get this started. I hope that you will enjoy learning from the best and use the knowledge that you will gain to the best of your abilities. Here is to a more fruitful and prosperous 2021, and I hope to see you again in our future events. Thank you very much and take care always!

Message From Convention Chair 2021 MDRT Day: Breakthrough

A pleasant day to everyone and welcome to MDRT Day 2021!  We are glad to see you all albeit virtually.


We are regularly thrown challenges and obstacles along our way, one bigger than most is this global health pandemic. But after going through this for almost 2 years now, we have seen and heard a lot of people have been able to breakthrough through this and their own challenges and thrive in their respective industries. The Life Underwriters Association of the Philippines and the MDRT MCC Philippines sought these people out for them to share with you all their experiences, their advice, and their tips so that you too can experience your own breakthroughs.

So we hope you all enjoy this learning opportunity that we have created for you and I wish you all a breakthrough 4th quarter.