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Frequently asked questions

Who can join the event?

The event is open to all 2021 MDRT Members, aspirants, all licensed life insurance professionals, and insurance company officers and employees.

How do I register?

Payment shall be done via the online payment facility upon check-out during registration. Please refer to the registration options below:

Can I use my previous LifeConPH login credentials?

Every after each event, all the log in credentials are being cleaned up to ensure that the ticket buyers will only have access to each conference.

Every attendee/participant must create his new account for every successful ticket purchase.

Will I be receiving an email notification for my ticket purchases?

There will be a series of email notifications that will be received by the ticket buyer. See the email subjects below:

  • Your LUAP & MDRT PH – LifeConPH Oct 2021 account has been created
  • Your LUAP & MDRT PH – LifeConPH Oct 2021 has been received
  • Your LUAP & MDRT PH – LifeConPH Oct 2021 order is now complete
  • Your ticket LUAP & MDRT PH – LifeConPH Oct 2021

The email will be received as soon as you completed every transaction. However, it may vary from your internet connectivity as well.

Is my ticket transferrable if I can't make it to the event?

Registrants who cannot attend shall have two options:

  • Option No. 1 shall be to notify MDRT MCC Philippines Front Office of the cancellation of attendance at least 24 hours prior to October 6, 2021. Please refer to our Refund Policy;
  • Option No. 2 Transfer the registration to another interested party. Please refer to our Refund Policy.

I am having problems logging in, what can I do?

Kindly submit an email inquiry through the website contact form using the subject: MDRT Day 2021 Breakthrough: Cannot log in to my account

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