MDRT Gives Day

MDRT Foundation | October 12, 2021

What is MDRT Gives Day?

MDRT Gives Day, an online, one-day, global fundraising event unites the MDRT community. More than 100 MDRT member fundraisers will connect with their MDRT networks, friends, and family asking for donations to support the MDRT Foundation’s Global Grants Program.

Why have an MDRT Gives Day?

A Giving Day is a popular, fun, engaging, cost-effective online fundraising challenge designed to bring together groups of people around a particular cause.

What is the mission of the MDRT Foundation?

The Million Dollar Round Table Foundation gives to charitable organizations, demonstrating the generosity, service, and impact of MDRT members.

What is the vision of the MDRT Foundation?

To empower MDRT members to make a difference in their communities around the world.

Why give to MDRT Foundation?

  • MDRT members choose the charities that the Foundation supports. The MDRT Foundation thoroughly vets all charitable organizations before investing in their programs.
  • Every MDRT member has the opportunity to endorse a grant for a charitable organization they are passionate about.
  • Show the philanthropic leadership of the industry.